Dan Chan (they/he) is a Liverpool based multidisciplinary artist who works with textiles, digital and performance – they see these elements as a family to work with, not separate entities. They explore their identity by unpicking stereotypes about their race, queerness and the gender binary – the experiences at these intersections are a key source of inspiration. Much of this is done through a spiritual lens. The performance side of their practice allows them to embrace the masculine and feminine qualities within themself and bring this into their work.  

Chan’s current practice utilises performance to bring all aspects of their work together. They channel a persona to subvert queer slurs like the world ‘fairy’, racist propaganda against East Asian people like the ‘Yellow Peril’ and the feeling of being alienated in a heteropatriarchal society. They take these words and feelings, and personify them as an alien-fairy hybrid through make up, costume, performance and digital work. By using these different elements, Chan constructs an image to show how social stereotypes can be constructed. A main of their work is to invite people into their fantasy world and feel seen. 

Dan Chan is currently a member of dot-art Gallery in Liverpool.